Freelance Writing Services

Freelance writing on pro-life feminism and conservative issues related to abortion legislation, particularly in terms of "exceptional" cases, i.e. birth defects and lethal prenatal diagnosis.



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Available for in-person (NY Metro area), or radio interviews on current events related to restrictions in pro-life legislation and continuing a pregnancy after a poor prenatal diagnosis. Both secular and religious venues will be considered.

Links to previous interviews will soon be available.





Available for research purposes to pro-life writers and publications. Specializing in abortion laws pertaining to birth defects, fatal fetal anomalies, and late term abortion for medical reasons.


Freelance Services

Sometimes having a genuine story is all it takes to make a reader understand the pro-life perspective. Over the last five years I have written extensively for pro-life publications, both large and small, and secular as well as faith-based.

My passion for both writing and pro-life advocacy, in addition to our family's experience, give me a unique insight into the pro-life dynamic.  I can provide context for an often contentious issue, and information which is conveyed in an unthreatening and compassionate way.


Live links and writing samples available upon request.


With a solid grasp of the ethical and legal implications involved with pro-life legislation, and my cautious outlook on possible repercussions involved in being on the "wrong side" of the issue, you can rest assured that any analysis gathered will be solid and statistically relevant.

In an age of "fake news" accusations, having the assurance that your sources are impeccable and your facts are supported can make the difference between wielding clout in the pro-life forum and remaining a small voice in the crowd.


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