In the summer of 2010 our unborn daughter was diagnosed with a lethal birth defect. We chose to continue the pregnancy, and successfully carried her for 34 weeks. She lived for almost two hours here on earth, before continuing on her journey home.


Sincee her death, the story of our Beatrix has reached all four corners of the globe. In the course of following my daughter's travels a terrible truth became apparent to me: the lives of children like my daughter were being ended due to outdated medical notions regarding disabilities, and an inability to see a fragile child as having a life worth living.


My career began with a blog, used primarily for journaling my personal grief experience. I now work in all aspects of pro-life advocacy, but primarily in supporting other pro-life writers and speakers to stay current with the multiple pieces of legislation being presented on a regular basis. My work is primarily in defense of "exceptional" cases, i.e.  rape, incest, and fetal anomaly.